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Musical Selections for Always Remembering

Musical Selections for Always Remembering Cover Image

Kathy Kasunich

Although I can’t sing to save my soul, I love music. I enjoy listening to it, dancing in rhythm with it and allowing it to transport me to a past moment or experience in my life. Dance tunes motivate me when I clean and help me finish in half the time. When strolling in the woods, new age and spa-like instrumental melodies enhance the beauty of nature. Tunes also stimulates my creative side and allows me to convert my thoughts into words. Right now, Jim Brickman’s soothing piano renditions are massaging my brain cells as I write this. One thought reverberating throughout my mind is: What if I included song suggestions for some chapters or sections of the book? Movie directors do it constantly! They insert emotional scores and songs to set the mood and catch your attention. Below is a list of songs to take you on a dimensional journey through Always Remembering. Hopefully, this will transform your reading into a more interactive event. Please use my contact page to offer your musical recommendations and comments and I will share them here for all to appreciate.


Chapter One----Wonder When My Baby’s Coming Home

Chapter Two—Always in My Heart Though We’re Far Apart

Chapter Three—Deck the Halls With Boughs of Holly

Chapter Four—I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Chapter Five—Absence Makes the heart grow founder

Stay tuned for more additions

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