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Kathy Kasunich's debut novel, Always Remembering, will have a book launch event in Pittsburgh

February 28, 2022,  Williamsburg, Virginia – Kathy Kasunich is delighted to announce the release of her eagerly anticipated novel, Always Remembering. The publication of Kasunich's riveting fictional romance set in the South Side of Pittsburgh during WWII will be marked with a launch event on Saturday, April 9, 2022, 2-4 PM at Pittsburgh's South Side Carnegie Library.

Helen has only one dream in her life: to marry Mike. What happens when World War II erupts, and the new lovers are forced to separate and endure a new normal of uncertainty, loneliness, heartache, and misunderstandings? How do they contend with Helen’s domineering mother who forces her to accept an engagement ring from another man and cancels wedding plans? How can they deal with meddling relatives who question Mike’s intentions? What is the antidote for all the poisons infiltrating their world? Nostalgic memories and unceasing correspondence. They must learn to adapt and remember the person who stole their heart.”

Kasunich spins a captivating and compelling story set during WWII that delves into the emotions and unseen consequences caused by conflict. Always Remembering, described as "Capra-esque," is "both inspiring and poignant as it portrays the resilience of the human spirit and the power of sentimental memories."

The historical romantic fiction novel is an engrossing read that seems to have been snatched from the pages of history books. Always Remembering takes the reader on a sentimental journey back in time, immersing them in the emotions and events of two ordinary individuals during an extraordinary time that would forever and profoundly impact and touch their lives.

Kathy Kasunich's debut novel, Always Remembering, will be released on Amazon and Barnes and Noble on April 9, 2022.

About Kathy Kasunich: A native of the South Side of Pittsburgh, Kathy Kasunich now resides in historic Williamsburg, Virginia. In addition to writing, she is an ardent photographer, focusing her lens on nature, architecture, and her adorable grandchildren. Her love of photography, family, and history inspired her to write Always Remembering.

As a photographer, Kasunich set out to preserve the memories of ordinary WWII soldiers by capturing fleeting moments in time. She asserts that they were the ones who never made it to the front page yet left an indelible mark. Memories can help people get through difficult times. They resurrect people and forgotten places and allow individuals to embrace scenes that heal their hearts and make them laugh.

CONTACT: To discover more about author Kathy Kasunich, her debut novel Always Remembering, or to arrange a book-signing event with the author, please visit her website.



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